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Underwriting Opportunities




Speaker Sponsor


Your company’s name will be where the action is! The speaker podium will bear the name of this sponsor.

Signage at speaker podium. Logo on web site and event brochure. Mentioned in opening and closing.

Venue Sponsor


Your company will be known by Houston Pagan Conference attendees as the Venue Sponsor.

Signage at event, company name on attendance wristbands, web site, event brochure and recognition at opening and closing.

Refreshment & Snack Sponsor


Your company’s name will seen where everyone gathers – at the snack tables.

Signage on snack and refreshment bar. Recognition at opening ceremony and listing in event brochure.

DOWNLOAD form (pdf format) to mail in or complete submission below. Payment will go through PayPal and all payments are tax deductible.

Name of Sponsor (to be printed) Event Sponsorship

Contact Name (if different than above)
Email Address
Telephone Number



This notice along with the submissions of funds establishes an agreement between the Houston Pagan Conference and the sponsoring individual, business or organization referred to as "The sponsor" in support of the 2013 Houston Pagan Conference.

The sponsor agrees to pay Houston Pagan Conference as indicated by the submission of the printed form or via the Houston Pagan Conference web site.

In consideration of the payment by The Sponsor, The Sponsor shall receive acknowledgement as a sponsor of the Houston Pagan conference at the level indicated. Houston Pagan Conference Sponsorship recognition and opportunities include, but may not be limited to, those items outlined in the Houston Pagan Conference Sponsorship Opportunities page.

The final decision regarding placement and/or juxtaposition of sponsor(s) logo shall rest with Houston Pagan Conference.

When future Houston Pagan Conferences are scheduled, The Sponsor shall have the right of first refusal on continuing sponsorship of the Conference.

It is understood and agreed that the entire agreement between Houston Pagan Conference and The Sponsor is contained herein and this agreement supersedes all previous written and oral agreements, and negotiations relating to the event sponsorship.

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