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Sponsorship and Underwriting Opportunities

It has been said that there are no "real" Pagan communities in the Gulf Coast. We don’t believe that. We think that our fellow Gulf Coast Pagans just need some place to gather. This conference will serve as a seed from which to grow a larger community to serve ourselves and others. We know there is an abundance of dedicated, talented people who believe as we do in the sanctity of nature and the benefits of diversity. We need your help to bring these people forward and give them an outlet and platform to share their ideas.

The Gulf Coast is vastly under served with respect to open and public Pagan-friendly venues. This conference stands to serve as a focal point for dedicated and active Gulf Coast Pagans to meet, learn from each other and to realize the potential we have to serve each other and the wider community.

It is estimated the 2013 Conference will have over 100 people in actual attendance from around the Houston metropolitan area as well as other parts of Texas. Your sponsorship will not only assist in getting this inaugural, yearly event going but will also put your name or your business front and center of the entire Texas Pagan community through the Houston Pagan Conference web site, social media, and in print through the programs and other literature the Houston Pagan Conference will utilize.

The different levels of sponsorship and underwriting come with various incentives such as a listing in the event brochure, logo on the web site, a banner at the event, free vendor table, and if you are very generous a representative of your company can speak at the opening of the Conference.

Below are the various incentives for each level of sponsorship and underwriting. You can click on the headings to go to that particular page to become a sponsor or underwriter. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship feel free to contact one of our Sponsorship Committee members listed at the bottom of this page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Listing in event brochure

Logo on Website*

Banner at Event**

Free Vendor Table

Company Rep Speaks at Opening

Event Sponsor Platinum



12x6 area or smaller




10x6 area or smaller



Text only

6x6 area or smaller



Text only



Text only

Friends of

The Conference


Text only

* Prominence of logo will be proportionate to dollar amounts.
** Banner provided by sponsoring company.

Underwriting Opportunities




Speaker Sponsor


Your company’s name will be where the action is! The speaker podium will bear the name of this sponsor.

Signage at speaker podium. Logo on website and event brochure. Mentioned in opening and closing.

Venue Sponsor


Your company will be known by Houston Pagan Conference attendees as the Venue Sponsor.

Signage at event, company name on attendance wristbands, website, event brochure and recognition at opening and closing.

Refreshment & Snack Sponsor


Your company’s name will seen where everyone gathers – at the snack tables.

Signage on snack and refreshment bar. Recognition at opening ceremony and listing in event brochure.

Sponsorship Committee Contacts

Kim vonBruno
Email Kim

Catherine Unger
Email Catherine

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